About Inception

Inception Sciences is a drug discovery engine co-founded with Versant Ventures in 2011, with operating sites in the US (San Diego) and Canada (Vancouver and Montreal). Inception Sciences creates new companies in partnership with pioneering academic researchers and major biopharmaceutical companies, which provide funding and a path to liquidity through pre-negotiated acquisitions.

Drug discovery operations are built around an experienced team of researchers. Previous accomplishments of Inception team members led to multiple marketed and clinical-stage drugs in diverse disease areas including arthritis, neurology, oncology, fibrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and respiratory disorders. Prior to Inception, team members comprised Amira Pharmaceuticals, a company successfully acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2011.

Inception’s business model includes “Build-to-Buy” partnerships, where world-class academic researchers are matched with pharmaceutical partners to form new drug discovery programs for the Inception team to execute upon. New start-up companies are spun-out for translation of these programs into novel therapies, incorporating an exclusive option for a pharmaceutical partner to acquire a spun-out company downstream at pre-set terms.  Inception has now formed multiple companies around discovery programs subject to Build-to-Buy agreements, including Inception 1 (partnered with Shire), Inception 3 (partnered with Roche), Inception 4 (partnered with Bayer) and Inception 5 (partnered with Roche).

Our Team

Management and Board Members

Jeremy Caldwell, Ph.D., CEO*
Scott Forrest, Ph.D., COO
Richard Glynne, Ph.D, CSO

Peppi Prasit, Ph.D., Chair of the SAB*

Paul Anderson, Ph.D., CSO of Inception IBD and Montreal Site Head* 

Brad Bolzon, Ph.D.*
Clare Ozawa, Ph.D.*
Jerel Davis, Ph.D.*
Thomas Woiwode, Ph.D.*

*Board Member of one or more companies

Finance and Operations Leads

Donna Tran, CFO, San Diego
Zack McNealy, CFO, Vancouver & Montreal

Business Development

David Chacko, M.D.,  Business Lead, San Diego
Tom Frohlich, Senior VP Business Development, Vancouver & Montreal

Scientific Leads

Bryan Laffitte, Ph.D., VP of Biology, San Diego
Nick Stock, Ph.D., VP of Chemistry, San Diego
Jon Seiders, Ph.D., Executive Director of Chemistry, San Diego
Lisa Rahbaek, Ph.D., Director of DMPK, San Diego

David Percival, Ph.D., VP of Biology, Vancouver
Renata Oballa, Ph.D., VP of Chemistry, Vancouver
Chidambaram Ramachandran, Ph.D., Executive Director of Biology, Vancouver
David Powell, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry, Vancouver

Alex Therien, Ph.D., VP of Biology, Montreal
Jason Burch, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry, Montreal